What is MeLWin ?

MeLWin is a computer system for administer membership in small or large organisations. It consists of two parts. One is a central database with the membership registry. The other part is the local club system. The membership is maintained in the central database and each local club may on demand replicate this information into their local club system.

Comprehensive functionality:

MeLWin is an extended computer system which fits well into any type of organisations based on a membership business model with a central secretary administration and a number of local geographic distributed units.

What makes MeLWin unique?

The unique part of MeLWin is the structure of the membership administration. The maintenance work of the membership data, including the maintenance of addresses is performed in a central database. Each member has an access on the Internet to update personal information like address, telephone, etc. Each local unit (club) may update their members on the Internet. And a secretary may update the addresses for any members directly in the local area network.

The yearly invoice for the membership fee is central administered and paid directly to the central office. The central office will return the local part of the membership fee to the local clubs.

And as the local clubs also have MeLWin, they may replicate the membership data to their system without the effort of maintaining the membership data. So the clubs can focus on other local issues like administer their operations.

MeLWin is running well:

MeLWin Forbund was developed for NAK/NLF (Norsk Aero Klubb/Norsk Luftstportsforbund, Norway), according to their specifications and business model. The system was deployed January 1st 1999. It has been improved with more functionality since. The system has demonstrated excellent stability with almost zero administration cost in a medium sized organisation. MeLWin Forbund is a module based system and may be personalised for any type of organisation, union or association.

MeLWin Klubb has been developed incrementally. First step was deployed in the year 2000. It included membership administration, activity log and invoicing. The year 2001 it was further developed and deployed as a full blown accounting, financial system. It was further developed to be a booking system with the interface of web (Internet), telephone (answering machine) and wap. Now it is also a complete finance solution for small business including VAT accounting. MeLWin Klubb has demonstrated excellent stability in a large number of deployed systems on different Windows versions and MacOS.

    Design and development: MeLWin AS, Øyvind Moe

    Organisation no: 974 209 055 MVA
    P.O. Box 328,
    N-1323 Høvik
    Telephone: 67518020
    Telefax: 67518021

    Programming tool and database: