Glider extensions

Log entries

Most glider operations are organised as an activity day. There is an officer in charge of operations, ground control, instructors and tug pilots. The day starts with a briefing and inspecting the gliders and tug. The day ends with parking the gliders in the hangar or trailers and do the paper work. With MeLWin Club you may enter the log and print the totals for the books. If the accounting officer has the office located some place else you may send the log entries directly by integrated email to the officers email address. The officer may import this log into MeLWin Club.

Three different launch method are covered; tug, winch and self launch (TMG)

There are some automatic controls during log entry:

  • The papers (lisences) are current
  • The remaining launches for courses of fixed price
  • Controlling the deductible systems

After the log session you may send the records for each pilot this day as an email message, so the pilot may control the books afterwards and so se what he or her is owing to the club.

Pricing policy

The pricing policy is very flexible with many parametres. MeLWin Club may handle most required systems.

Glider register

A glider is a result object. For each glider the is a tab for accounting postings (the log entries), the pricing policy and the accumulated numbers.

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