Sports union standard

MeLWin Club conform to the standard. The balance sheet, profit & loss statement is printed in a preformatted manner according to the established standard. It may even be generated as a word processor document for distributing as email attachment for the members of the board.

The chart of accounts

The accounts has a 4-numbered code. You may expand the chart as much you wish.

When entering the postings the account accumulators and the general ledger will automatically be updated. It is transaction based accounting. Each time you start MeLWin Club all the postings will be controlled for consistency and any mistake will be reported.


Five different screens has been made to enter the postings efficient; General ledger, Accounts payable (creditors), Account receiveable (debtors), payment postings. Different number systems takes care of the numbering of the postings.

Result object

Result object is the measurement items to control the objective of the clubs operations. For a glider club the result object most likely will be the hiring fee for income and maintenance, insurance, etc for the cost. There is a number of reports and you may even make your own report.

Type of posting

MeLWin Club has a posting term which is called type of posting. The type of posting has different objectives. It is a standard text for the posting like most accountant systems. It may also be a pricelist and the type of posting will also suggest an account.

A type of posting may also be a type of log entry which specifies the pricing policy for the flight. The options are numerous. This is the core of the MeLWin accounting flexibility and is at its premium of the activity.

Of course MeLWin Club also support the creditor information and the payable accounts.

You may budget on each account and each result object.

Result sheet

Many report display the business graphic and so is very easy to read.

An earo club, either gliders or powered ones most posting will come from the log entry. The log in integrated into the system as as such much more feasible than most commersial accounting of the shelf system. You dont need to be an accounting expert to use MeLWin Club. The standard applied makes it easy to understand and use.

By year end you have to add the final postings before MeLWin Club takes the year end rollover automatically. Each postings is balanced to the entry balance of each account in the general ledger and each debtor (member) and each creditor. And everything guided by extensive automatic consitency control.

Design and development: MeLWin AS, Øyvind Moe

Organisation no: 974 209 055 MVA
P.O. Box 328,
N-1323 Høvik
Telephone: 67518020
Telefax: 67518021

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