Membership administration

When you start MeLWin Club for the first time, you will connect to the central membership registry and download all your club members electronically. All information on each member is traanferred to your local system. The maintenance of the membership will be done in the central database and you don't have to worry about this task. From time to time you can make a new download and ensure the membership information is up-to-date. Maintaining the addresses and membership information is time consuming and it is more efficient to do this in a central database. Some of the big challenges in the computerized world is to maintain different registres. Often the same registrer is maintained manually at different places in different context. This makes the connectivity solution of MeLWin superb. To be able to download the information you have to quilify with a specific role due to security of the data. In addition you have to identify yourself with membership number and personal code.

Membership information in one place

All address information, membership information and lisence information will be transferred. You may even add information locally. Such local information is typical account information. You may categorize members. Who subscribe on special discount rate compensated by an annual fee. Do the member share som deductible rings, etc. You may easy print membership lists and labels You may even send email directly from within MeLWin Club to all the members with an email address. You may also send mobile text messages from MeLWin. You may write letters in the integrated word processor and merge with the mebership addresses.

The membership register is also a customer (debtor) register. You may enter other customers as well. These are with different numbers.

Design and development: MeLWin AS, Øyvind Moe

Organisation no: 974 209 055 MVA
P.O. Box 328,
N-1323 Høvik
Telephone: 67518020
Telefax: 67518021

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