The membership fee is taken care of by the central system and there is a refusion four times a year to each club. All other invoicing to the members each club has to manage self. Such invoices may be hiring aircrafts based on log entries, courses, equipment, goods and service each member has to pay for to the club. It is cruisent for the liquid sistuation and the general economy that such payable items has to be taken well care of.

The accountant officer prints the invoices on a laser printer or an inkjet printer. In addition MeLWin Club allows you also to send the invioce as an email message. With this option the club will save a lot of money in postage fee and time to put invoices in an envelope. It is even possible to send the balance of each members account to the mobile telephone as a text message.

If the invoice is overdue, there is also automatic service for printing reminder even adding reminder fee.

The "normal" invoice from MeLWin Club is actually a report of all the payable postings. The nature of club activity is several postings, like log entries and some payments collecting several postings. That is why this has been paid special attention to. So each member also may control the postings easily againt the log book. Into a new year after rollover each postings of the previous year is balance to the entry balance. You may also enter standard invoices like most systems with invoice items and price list register.

Interest calculation

By year end you may calculate the interest both debit and credit interest at separate rates for each members account based on the postings of the account receivable. So the mambers paying in advance will be favoriced and the members paying much too late will be punished and the club will not suffer at all.

Design and development: MeLWin AS, Øyvind Moe

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