The most recent part of the huge functionality of MeLWin Club is its integrated reservation system. This system may be adapted for both aircrafts and equipments. This way efficiant service of the expensive assets may be superviced in an automatic manner.

Booking aircrafts

The aircrafts are the most important assets of each aero club. To run a club well means to supervice these assets efficient. The aricrafts has to be available and in service. But the most important part is to communicate this to the members. That is why a booking system is cruisant This booking system has to be autonomous and accessible in different ways. It has to be independant and to the service for individual members. The booking system is easily configurable and the item you may reserve may be any assets.

Local booking

Reservation may be performed locally directly into MeLWin Club.

Booking over WEB

Most likely the computer running the booking system is not directly accessible, so the Internet web interface is the best interface. The overview is excellent and you may easily enter a new reservation. Of course, security is taken well care of by using independant password.


Booking by telephone and wap

Not everyone have Internet access, so it is still important to serve those pilots too. An answering machine is integrated into the system, so directly from a telephone set you may enter a reservation. Most people also carry a moblie telephone today, and most of these is capable of doing the wap protocol which is also supported.

Call +4767518027 for testing (and may learn some Norwegian).

Automatic Stand-by reservation

If the aircraft is occupied during your intentive reservation, the reservation wil be stand by. If the previous reservation is canceled, your reservation is taking the first priority and you will be contacted by an email message or a text message on your mobile phone. It is also possible to establish priority entities which takes the first priority anyway (periodicals, etc)

Design and development: MeLWin AS, Øyvind Moe

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Telefax: 67518021

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