Relational database

MeLWin Klubb (like MeLWin Forbund) is programmed with the tool 4th Dimension or 4D.

4D is also a relational database, which is the data storage system. This is a French product that were released in its first version back in 1984. Since its origin it has always been a very innovative product and pioneered several functions:

  • 1985: The first relational database with a graphic user interface
  • 1987: The first 32-bits RDBMS for a microcomputer
  • 1992: The first integrated client/server environment
  • 1997: The first integrated client/server with integrated HTTP-server
  • 1999: The first application server with a functional web-server

Localized version

4D is localized in several languages. MeLWin Klubb origin from Norwegian and will be available in English and Swedish. MeLWin Klubb has the option for the user to localize it into any language since every lingual resource is accessible from the menus. All menus, screens, reports and messages are in the resource storage.

Query and sort order

4D has built-in capability of almost any query and sort ordering. MeLWin Klubb utilizes these functions in every aspect. You may query close to everything in the detailed query. And there are also quick query for all the tables too with one or a few query arguments.

Quick reports and printing labels

You may design your own quick report in the built-in report editor. To print address labels is as easy as you may imagine. Printing labels today is targeted laser printing or inkjet printing. You may choose and specify exactly the format you may wish. Once you have a format of your own, you can save the format for later use either if it is label or quick report. Numerical reports may also be presented graphically like pie, lines and bars.

Integrated word processor

The word processor 4D Write is a plug-in to the 4D tool and made accessible within MeLWin Klubb. This is a full functional word processor that you find most function you would expect from word processors like MS Word. You may read and write the documents in several formats. You may add spell checking, place pictures, etc. But the most genius part is the direct access to the database. Mail merge with the membership registry is brilliant easy.

Efficient entering and posting of records

Some of the heavy data entering screens have been enhanced considerably to speed the typing and posting of data. Entering the flight log and account postings is very efficient. Most computers like numbers and codes. Humans like names and pictures. MeLWin Klubb is pioneering the field of accounting systems, because it uses names, not codes when entering data. This construction is technically a "combo dropdown with type-ahead query". When entering the log for a specific flight you will start with the name of the pilot. Typing the first letter, MeLWin Klubb will instantly query all the names starting with this letter and show the names in a list. With the second letter the list will narrow to these persons. You may use the arrow key to head into the correct name or continue typing until the query reach that unique person and proceed to the next field. It has been shown the you can enter information faster than any other system. You find the same entering method in MS Outlook as well to find the correct address.

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