The system for the association

The business model of a typical association is the foundation of the structure of MeLWin Forbund. MeLWin Forbund is as flexible you may wish and will suit most organisations with few changes. It consists of several modules, which may or may not be included for your specific deployment.

Club registry

The members are in the first place associated with a specific club. And the members act according to this organisational level. The clubs are formed into regional communities. And the regional communities are represented in the national associations. This is also the business model of MeLWin Forbund.


Some associations consist of different sections or divisions. These divisions are related and cooperate as a common community. MeLWin Forbund supports all this.

Registry of officials

Each club has its own elected members of the board and volunteers. These persons are maintained in the database. So with carefully entered information MeLWin Forbund can display the complete map of its organisation.

Design and development: MeLWin AS, Øyvind Moe

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Telefax: 67518021

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