Membership administration

The core of all kinds of organisations is their member. This is the foundation of their existense. The basic functionality of MeLWin is focused on this fact. The core registry of MeLWin is the membership. Every branch of this system origin from the membership data.

Centralized registry of membership data

Technically and organisationally the advantage is obvious for a centralized database of membership data. The secretary office may have a full time employee to maintain a large number of membership data. Thus you will have a consistent data with high quality. The contrary is local databases maintained by local officials on a voluntary basis. Some are tidy and well organized, but far from all. With a central registry you can also easy take care of possible duplicates. Some members are related to more than one local club. Often organisations are offered benefits or financial support from the government. As these benefits are based on membership data it is premium to have correct information. It may be expensive to report less and criminal to report more than the correct numbers.

Centralized invoicing of membership fees

The associations may benefit from an efficient system for printing a large number of invoices each year. A larger quantity of preprinted sheets will give a better per unit price and the whole structure of membership fee may appear much more consistent.

Maintaining membership categories

Most associations divide their members into different categories, like junior, senior, retired, etc. MeLWin is fully configurable for all kinds of membership categories. You can print statistics and regression analysis crossed against club, sex and category. These reports satisfy the official requirements.

Maintaining the membership fee structure

The fee depends on several factors and consists of fee for the association, the club, the section and magazine subscription. All these parameters are taken into account when calculating the individual fee.

Membership fee accounting and refunding to the clubs and sections

MeLWin Forbund is based on a quarterly balance of the membership fee for each club and section. This system may even balance other expenses or income for individual club.

Printing labels

Several optional labelling systems are built into the system. Matrix printing of 1, 2, 3 or 4 labels wide or fully configurable laser writer printed labels are available. So every optional label printing is offer by the system.

Mail merge against the membership registry

MeLWin Forbund has a built-in integrated word processor. It is easy to mail merge any letter to members.

Sending email to the members

Also an integrated email system is part of the MeLWin Forbund functionality. With just a few clicks you may post a large number of messages to individual members. As each message is individual addresses to other members does not show and spam is not very likely to appear.

Maintaining membership information on the web

All the address information may be maintained on the web. MeLWin Forbund itself is also a Web-server publishing directly on the Internet. So each member may change his or her individual address. Each club may authorize a person to maintain all the members of the club. Of course the information is properly secured by a password system.

New members may apply for membership by this web and existing members may alter their membership.


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